Cynthia C Denton was born on the beautiful continent of Africa. The youngest of seven I grew up with a widowed mother in a little dusty town with a massive heritage.  As children our favorite pass time was reading and of course listening to music. I never could have thought that one day I would still be wrapped up in the rhythm of words dancing over pages, and melodies in my mind…

I spent about eight years in missions in South Africa after leaving Namibia, which eventually landed me in Australia.  This is where I met my future husband and eventually were blessed with two of the most beautiful children on earth.

More than a Melody, the first book, was launched in 2009.  A Queen Within was released early 2013.
Cynthia has been a singer / songwriter since 1989. A self-taught guitarist learning from those around her, her influences have been Jonathan Butler, Sade and Freddy Arendse amongst others, resulting in her unique jazzy flavor.

Performing in Namibia, South Africa, The States as well as Australia, Cynthia has a natural ability to connect with any audience.  Her first mainstream album ‘Colourblind’ was launched in 2011. Cynthia’s new single, QUEEN, has just been released on Itunes.